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Vpollo: Welcome fellow worshippers of he11, if you are not, come on in and learn a bit about our he11.

Mia: I like to beat my desk. I dunno why. Frick me. there thats a 10/10 descripton (don't join the harem.)

Adrian: Welcome to the gates of he11, take a seat. They dont pay me that much for doing a description. Sheesh, i miss the time that i was starring metroid games...

GROSSberg: *cough* Hi, this place if for people who have nothing to lose, and like to spam and be random, so feel free to come and be a fucktard. We're gonna hate you for that too by the way.

Atmey: Zvarri! Welcome to the He11 Wiki, where we document our adventures and other such shenanigans! Please look at my page. Please.

Thot Maya: Join the harem, we have benefits~

Gordbort: Wait, we can edit this thing?

Sane Phoenix: If you can read this, please help me. I've been stuck here for about 10 weeks and I've been tortured. They won't let me leave.

Damon Gant: Ha ha! Welcome to he11! If you can't appreciate it, you can always leave, you know? *stares* But we'd prefer if you stayed! *laughs*

Spit Godot: Hey kid, come closer... A bit closer... Now, listen to me. Got your attention, right? Good. Okay, I want you to go over there, and grab me a cup of coffee. Attaboy, good job. Now, hand it to me, nice and slow. *SIP SIP* This coffee I have in my mouth? Why am I keeping it in my mouth, you ask? Well to spit it up your ass of course! Now... bend over.

Fredworth: He11 is the greatest alternative to H3v3n.

Green Text Gavin: Don't come here. This place sucks.

Ghost Detective: Who the fuck am I anyway?


At one point, I really thought this wiki would be a joke and full of memes, but it's actually quite serious... so, welcome to He11. This area is Area 11 in Ace Attorney Online's Vanilla Server of Contradiction, who has recently been suffering from a few technical issues. This area is generally known as "random", but as it is the eleventh area, and considering it is a frenzy of madness, it has taken upon the alias of "He11".

Either way, the people here are generally friendly. Majority of us are here because we'd rather talk about/do things that violate Lobby's (Area 0) rules, and to avoid a ban from the server owner. However, this area is very prone to spammers and bots, which at times ruin the experience. Not only that, but because of the reputation the area has, mods usually do not bat an eye towards us, unless we go to lobby directly asking for help, or they take into account that the "call mod" button has been pushed.

All seriousness aside, He11 is lax on the rules, so don't be afraid to, well, talk about anything.


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